What is the best budget graphics card?

 Being a gamer for nearly one and a half decade I would say that for diffrent resolutions as per the benchmarks of 2020 these are the GPUs which are the best in my opinion :

720p Gaming : GTX 750 Ti or Gtx 950..

1080p Gaming : Gtx 1650 Ti or Gtx 1660 for Best Experience..

4K Gaming : Gtx 1080 Ti or Rtx 2080 ( Only RDD 2 would run less than 40 FPS)..

These GPUs are the best for gaming as of 2020……

This answer ultimately depends on two things: the games you play, and the resolution/detail you want to play them at.

There is a big difference between trying to play CS:GO on a 1080p screen than The Witcher 3 or Crysis 3 on 4k ultra for example. It’s a bit extreme, but the best budget depends heavily on those two things.

There is a general best budget GPU if we take every game into account, but without knowing details, it’s very possible that it could either be too overpowered to play your game, or too underpowered, both of which leads to a waste of money.

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